"I promise this won’t hurt a bit."

Bones - 10x01 - The Conspiracy in the Corpse

Rest in piece, Lance Sweets

Fine we get it. We’re too different from each other, she has a child, our professions are repulsive; it will never work. Well, I love her and that’s all that matters to me.


Reunited     8x01  |  10x01

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dont yell at me



dont yell at me

dont yell at me

dont yell at me

dont yell at me

  • dont
  • yell
  • at
  • me
  1. instead of yelling try not yelling

if you ever yell at me, i promise you i will cry no matter who you are or what i did

DEMILY: Bones Comic Con Panel ‘13

Anonymous asked:
"ooh, but are you feeling better now? Did you finish your trees? I love how you are always watching tv shows with your mom hahaha"

Nope, I feel the same. And nope I have one left that I don’t know how to make so I’ll just ask a classmate or my teacher.
Yeah I started watching TV shows with her. First it was Lost, then it was House, then Bones, American Horror Story and now Buffy :D all my fangirling is her fault xD

Anonymous asked:
"hahaha The only thing interesting on my day is that now I understand more about how to choose paint colors, okay not the colors, more about the type of paint xD And you? Did you do something interesting today?"

well that’s cool! I dind’t do much, I didn’t go to uni so stayed at home because I wasn’t feeling weel today. I spent the day making trees for my English Grammar course and I watched Buffy with my mum :) a kind o boring day :P