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"I'm a very lucky anon for having you as my friend!"

And I’m very lucky for having you as my friend <3

My friend finished the episode hahahahah he’s so upset and he hasn’t downloaded the next season poor him

jigsmave replied to your post “My best friend is watching the season 8 finale and he’s texting me…”

I still refuse to watch the last 3 minutes of that episode. Probably never will.

I haven’t watched that episode in a long time. It’s just too sad

My best friend is watching the season 8 finale and he’s texting me every two seconds to tell me how nervous he is hahahaha

Those good times with your dad are happening right now. They’ll always be happening. You deserve to keep those alive.


"i’ll be speaking with my lawyer" is the adult version of saying "im telling mom"



— someone who isn’t going to do what you asked (via guy)
Reblog if your icon is pure perfection.

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UGH en español creo que es mil veces peor que en inglés jajajaja.

POSTA, en Inglés es mucho mas fácil!!


Every year, it just gets better. 


Bones at SDCC 2014 (July 25, 2014) (x) 


They are such great sisters ♥

I love how Emily pats Zooey’s head and then they kinda hug. Aw :’)

And yes, Emily actually said “wittle”. xD